One of the aspects of human lives that the coronavirus pandemic greatly affected is the educational sector. Due to the stay at home and social distancing ordinances, most schools have been closed down. Some educational institutions that wanted to continue their classes had to result to online courses. However, this approach has not been widely adopted in many countries and schools.

In an interesting turn of event, students and many stakeholders in the educational sector have started yearning for the reopening of schools and other educational institutions. These stakeholders cited many discrepancies and difficulties in the widespread adoption of the e-learning system. They also identified many approaches that can be taken to ensure the safety of students and tutors upon reopening.

Due to this effort, many governments and educational agencies are setting plans in motion for the reopening of schools and educational facilities. Modalities and safe approaches are being drafted, and this is an indication that schools will be opened soon. One of the modalities, which happens to be the safest option, is the hybrid school setting. In this system, half of the student populace learn remotely while the other half learn from school. This arrangement is then alternated after some days, with the students at home, coming to learn from school while the other group learn from home.  In the midst of all these preparations, one important thing that requires utmost attention is the furniture for schools.

In this article, we will identify the need for new school furniture for the school reopening. We will also discuss how Loctekmotion is well-positioned to provide the different types of school furniture needed for the school reopening.

The Need for New School Furniture

The major requirement in that all schools and educational facilities hoping to reopen will have to adhere to is the health and safety requirement. While these institutions of learning ensure the use of masks and ensure clean and hygienic surroundings, they will also have to ensure social distancing. This is the main worry that health practitioners have about the reopening of schools. If schools are to abide by this requirement, then the existing furniture will have to be replaced.


Moreover, the hybrid system will call for pieces of school furniture which will ease the collaboration between students learning from home and those in school. Schools will need new pieces of school furniture such as standing desks and other furniture fitted with lifting columns. These new standing desks and other pieces of school furniture will have to provide comfortability and efficiency to users while also allowing them to abide by the social distancing rule. This is what Loctekmotion offers users. In the succeeding sections, we will discuss some of Loctekmotion furniture and upholstery solutions that fit well schools requirements.

Loctekmotion Solutions

Loctekmotion has a reputation for the design and manufacture of quality pieces of furniture such as standing desks, media wall, TV carts and many more. The company also produces components of furniture like lifting columns, control boxes and many more. It is no surprise, therefore, that the company has some high-quality solution for schools and educational facilities seeking to reopen. Some of these solutions include;

Standing Desks

The first and fundamental school furniture is the standing desk from Loctekmotion. This piece of furniture has found use in homes, offices and business centers. Schools will never go wrong with this piece of furniture. Fitted with a lifting column that gives it the height adjustability feature, students, tutors and other stakeholders in the teaching scene will have an awesome time back in school with the standing desks.

As with the health regulations, the standing desks are lightweight and portable, making it possible for it to be placed at specified distances to abide by the social distancing rule.

Collaborative Media Wall


In the hybrid school setting, collaboration is key. There must be synergy between tutors and students, as student learning remotely and those in class must be on the same page at the same time. Loctekmotion offers a promising solution for this need through the Collaborative Media Wall. This piece of furniture allows tutors and students to project learning and educational contents from their phones and computers to the media wall. The media wall thus eliminate the need for students and tutors to come too close. It also allows for efficient synergy between remote students and students in the class. What’s more, the piece of furniture is equipped with lifting columns, meaning students and tutors can adjust the height of the media wall to suit their height and postural requirements.

Mobile Tables

This piece of furniture is another impressive solution from Loctekmotion. This table is fitted with lifting columns and wheels that give it two interesting features; height adjustability and mobility. These two features help students and tutors maintain the social distancing rule while enjoying ergonomic and comfortable furniture use.

Media Wall Mounts

Apart from the collaborative media wall, the media wall mount is another piece of furniture that will be beneficial for school uses. This piece of furniture allows for the secured anchorage of media walls in a way that allows them to be accessed by all the stakeholders using it.


These solutions from Loctekmotion are some of the few offerings that schools and educational facilities will need if there are to reopen and adopt the hybrid school setting. These pieces of furniture can be used individually and collectively. For instance, students and tutors can never go wrong with the combination of collaborative media wall and standing desks. The combination of media wall mounts and mobile tables also sounds interesting.

Final Thoughts

With a long period of time that schools have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is perfectly normal that students and stakeholders in the education sectors are yearnings for the reopening of schools. With the hybrid school setting seeming like the safest option, schools will require new and special furniture to allow for easy collaboration between students and tutors. Loctekmotion is well poised to deliver these pieces of school furniture for the safe reopening of our educational facilities.

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