The effectiveness of tax incentives in attracting investment has tremendous benefits to distributors as well as end-users. In today’s world, office furniture has gained a larger audience with respect to several industries. This provides a beneficial relationship between manufacturers and end-users of office furniture products.

At first, investing in office furniture like standing desks, lifting columns, and others is the best choice. Did you know? Even with the global pandemic, the rise of office furniture escalated. Meanwhile, in some countries, the demand exceeds its supply.

So, the latest backdrop introduced to support the distributors as well as the end-users is the preferential tax. Before we proceed, several methods stimulate the effects of preference tax. Some of these factors include;

  • Providing support to production capacity in business.
  • Supporting distributors and end-users in various dimensions.
  • Covers carryover period of losses.

While many companies unveiled their tax package, there are a series of preferential policies. These policies are related to corporate income tax, individual income tax, as well as the value-added tax. Interestingly, several of the factors mentioned above depends on past and current level of expenditures, and the relationships between tax and non-tax factors.

In this article, you will understand better the reasons why preferential tax policies are beneficial. Not only that but its benefits to end-users, distributors as well as the best time to buy office furniture. Read further to know more about the tax policy.

Why Preferential Tax Are Beneficial

Being in business often means there is always a need for an office. Whether you are the buyer or the distributor, office furniture is treated as a business asset. However, certain expenses may be incurred in running the business. These expenses are deductible on your tax return. Check out the benefits below.

1. Easy Access To Capital

In most cases, corporations generally have access to a more alternative source of capital. If the method fails, the tax can be easily accessible. Some cover expenses incurred in the cost of running the business, while others cover living services and maintenance level.

2. Maximize Financial Situation

Preferential tax is quite different from the governmental taxation method. Staying up to date with this policy has been a priority to maximize financial situations. It covers expenses and offers help when the need arises. This means that by incorporating your business with tax payments, you may be able to avoid legal entanglement and risk.

Why Preferential Tax Policies Are Beneficial In Office Furniture Industry

3. Enhances Business Credibility

This also constitutes one of the benefits of the preferential tax. In a sense, paying tax creates the right business name for your company. It also conveys performance, stability, credibility, which communicates a commitment to the success of your business.

4. Protection Of Personal Asset

As a manufacturer, interior designer, or wholesaler, you should understand that you can own property, incur liabilities, and carry on business. That means that your tax management system will provide safety and create room for protecting your assets in case of any loss.

5. Solid Perpetual Existence

Several taxes have their advantages and disadvantages. As the preferential tax is based on profit, they can be reduced by qualified business expenses. Some of these running expenses include; damages, advertising expenses, operating expenses, and many others.

When Is The Right Time To Buy

If you are waiting for the right time to buy office furniture, you may have to line or wait for long. According to market researchers, the best time to buy office furniture like a standing desk, lifting column, and others are now. Remember, we are in a state of a global pandemic where employees have to create a space to work at home, and employers need more in office.

Therefore, don’t doubt the investment. Take a look at the reasons why you need to invest in office furniture today.

1. Increasing Demand

The rising demand for home office furniture is backed with the trend of work from home. In spite of this, a lot of manufacturers, wholesalers, as well as interior designers, are using the opportunity to invest in office furniture. Both in corporate office routine or work from the home method, employees need ergonomically designed office furniture.

2. Ergonomically Friendly Furniture

Naturally, the office furniture is ergonomically friendly. Besides, the lowly standing desk and chair have come a long way over the years. It developed from a back-breaker to a perfect-arm-resting stand or seat of productivity. So, to show the employee, you care about them, invest in office furniture that won’t leave them with a sore neck at closing hour.

3. It’s More Of Tax-Deductible

As a manufacturer, wholesaler, or interior designer, you should be aware that the office furniture is more of a tax deductible. The cost of office supplies (including furniture) is tax-deductible and the expenses can either be deducted as times goes on (up to a certain amount) or depreciated in the long run.

4. A Great Chance To Freshen Dated Office

Also, this is the right time to invest in office furniture as it is a great chance to freshen up a dated office. If your business opened several decades ago and you don’t have the updated office furniture, get it now. New office furniture is more comfortable to install and reconfigure as it makes changes in the office.  It also creates an impression to your potential buyers that you are a forward-thinking business.

5. Physical Health Benefits

Being a distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer, you should understand that when employees are healthier, they miss less work. Moreover, they work harder, and that translates directly into money saved in healthcare expenses as well as excuses or absenteeism from work. In addition, it elevates productivity, enhances mood, and improves mental health.

Why Preferential Tax Policies Are Beneficial In Office Furniture Industry


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