1. Auto-Leveling Lifting Columns

LoctekMotion has taken standing desks to a whole new level. Our new auto-leveling technology offers customers the ability to place standing desks anywhere, regardless of the surrounding floor and adjust the desk surface to be perfectly level with the touch of a button. Height adjustable standing desk with Auto-leveling technology can automatically adapt to the ground to make the desktop completely level. Besides, Auto-leveling columns can even be attached to any piece with lifting technology.


2. Industry-Leading Speed

Our lifting columns operate at an industry-leading 80 millimeters (or 3.15 inches) per second, reached in only 0.65 seconds from standstill. This adjustment speed is three times faster than the industry standard, saving valuable productivity time. Our popular newly launched ET223(IB)-P01 incorporate this technology breakthrough.

3. Quick Installation

We offer super-fast installation options, with some desks assembling in less than two minutes. For example, Our ET123(IB)-KZ01 desk frame can be installed within 5 minutes. Even with this achievement, in order to make customers get more convenient experience, we continue our endeavor to cut the assembly time further with the help of our strong and innovative research team.

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