For two to three years, the trend of work from home was increasing significantly. However, since the start of 2020, the world is experiencing a pandemic because of coronavirus. Throughout the world, businesses shifted their business remotely so that every employee should work in a safe environment and avoid leaving homes. During this time, new and innovative ideas were introduced to facilitate business organizations so that they can easily shift their business activities to homes without effecting the performance.

When employers are working on the flexibility of business tasks and activities, employees are focusing on creating an environment that encourage them to work productively from their homes. Apart from coronavirus pandemic, working from home is also beneficial for business and the employees. According to the statistics published by Office for National Statistics of UK around 49.2 percent of employees in the UK started working from home. These statistics were released in April 2020, since then the numbers of employees working from home has only been increasing. Here are some trends that encourage employers to allow their employees to work from home:

1. Increasing Demand

Customer demand is essential for planning your future investments and potential sale. As a furniture retailer, you should also consider the demand in the market. Currently, there is a massive demand for home office furniture, such as a standing desk and lifting column. Employees working from home are arranging their room for productivity so that they can work without distraction.

Employees can now spend time with their family, along with concentrating on their work. The benefits of working from home for the employees and the employers suggests that in future people will work from their home permanently. According to a LinkedIn survey, 82% of employees are willing to work from home once a week after the pandemic. In another statistics it was found that 26% of British employees are willing to work permanently from home after the pandemic. So in the future demand for home furniture will drastically increase. This suggests that furniture retailers should focus on ergonomic furniture for home offices.

loctekmotion standing desk ET1252. Rising Remote Tools

To adopt the change, businesses are adopting new and innovative technologies to increase smoothness in the performance of business tasks and activities. They are using various communication tools such as zoom and slack. Furthermore, various other tools are also on-demand that facilitates the business process. This means that businesses are eager to adopt any change that help them with the productivity of their business task and making the process smooth. That is why furniture retailers shouldensure the availability of ergonomic home furniture in their stores. Ergonomic furniture, such as a standing desk kit, can increase the working productivity of employees working from home.

loctekmotion standing desk ETP2253. More Employees Less Space

Another benefit that businesses are recognizing is that they do not need more space for their employees in the regional office when they are working from home. That way, your clients can expand their business without buying new work space to accommodate those employees. For instance if a business has a 20 people space in their office, they can hire 20 more employees and ask them to work remotely increasing the productivity. Apart from that working from home is also beneficial for employees as they do not have to travel to work every day. That increases the demand forhome furniture, such as a standing desk kit.

loctekmotion standing desk HT1014. Facilitating Freelancers

Many freelancers, such as content writers and web developers, also work from home allaround the year. They need to increase their productivity and avoid any health problems while working on their projects. They work additional hours than employees, so the standing desk kit will be perfect to increase their productivity and improve their posture.

Most people are worried about the health condition they might develop by sitting on a chairthroughout the day. That is why home furniture by Loctekmotion will provide themhealth benefits while they work from home.

Locketmotion Home Furniture

To fulfil the increasing demand forhome furniture, you need to include high-quality furniture especially for home officesuch as a standing desk in your collection. People working from home are aware of how effective is the standing desk kit, and how they can solve their health problems and increase their productivity with such ergogenic designed furniture. Traditional chairs and tables can cause various problems for body posture.

Locketmotion’s range of home furniture can fulfil the need of your clients. Locketmotion offers an extensive range of colours, styles, functionalities, and designs for their ergonomic home furniture.

Working from Home 2020 Trends

As more and more people are working from home, they are seeking ways to make their homes a comfortable place to work, increasing productivity and convenience. There are various trends that your clients should consider before setting up a home office. Here are some popular trends to consider:

1. Multifunctional Working Space

Working from home can be interesting if the home office is multifunctional such as adding some fun activities, a couch to rest, and a TV for entertainment. This will help the employees to relax instantly and perform activities that require brainstorming. Home offices should look interesting so that employees should feel good in staying in the room for long part of the day. If the room is boring, employees will not like to spend their time there affecting their performance. However, if they add some items to make the room more appealing and interesting they can focus on their work. Adding a hangout area for the friends can also work, so that each time they enter the room, they feel comfortable.

loctekmotion height adjustable desk ET117

2. Flexibility in the Home Office

When the room is flexible, employees will spend more time in the room. They will not get stressed and depressed if their furniture is comfortable and relaxing. That will increase their productivity and avoid any health condition. For instance, installing a standing desk kit can help employees to work even when they are tired of sitting. They can work while standingwhich will keep their body musclescontinuously in motion. However, sitting on a chair for hours can cause muscle fatigue and other health problems.

3. Natural Elements Can Change the Mood

People are building a natural home office environment by includingnatural elements in the room. This does not mean that adding some plants will be enough. They are going for green wallpapers on their walls to have an impact on nature. Even the entrance of the room can begreen. Furthermore, adding plants on the wall and vertically arranging them can also give a great natural feel. This not only gives a better visual representation while working but includes a relaxing touch. The major benefit of growing plants in your room will add fresh air improving the environment of the room. This will encourage the employees to work under pressure without taking stress.


The design, style, and functionality of the furniture designed by Locketmotion is extraordinary and fulfil every need of the person working from home in their home office. These ergonomic home office furniture will improve the productivity of your clients while they work without compromising their health.

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