Why BIFMA-Certified Furniture is Best for Your Business

Keeping your office workers comfortable in the workplace is one of the most important things you can do as an employer to boost employee productivity and job satisfaction. More often than not, the comfort of your employees is dependent on the quality of office furniture your business chooses to purchase. After all, many workers spend most of their waking hours sitting in their workstations these days. But, how exactly do you know what qualities to look for in office furniture to ensure you’re hitting the mark for both comfort and safety? It’s simple: just look for BIFMA-certified office furniture. 

What is BIFMA Certification?

BIFMA is the short and sweet acronym for the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA). This non-profit organization has been “the voice of the commercial furniture industry” since 1973. As the watchdogs for office furniture safety, they put furniture manufacturers like LoctekMotion through a rigorous testing process to ensure that every piece of furniture that has BIFMA certification meets the highest standards for safety, performance and sustainability. 

What Does BIFMA Test?

More than anything BIFMA tests to ensure that office furniture is commercial grade and built to meet the higher demands of an eight-hour workday.  However, since BIFMA is 100% voluntary, office furniture manufacturers are not required to submit their products for testing and certification. That’s why it’s so easy to find lots of cheap furniture options on Amazon or through large chain retailers like IKEA or Office Depot. Sadly, many of these products lack sound ergonomic design and fall apart quickly because they don’t have commercial-grade durability. 

BIFMA-certified office furniture, on the other hand, undergoes a variety of independent-lab testing. For example, when LoctekMotion submits our standing desk kits, which are BIFMA-certified, to the lab for testing they are subject to the following tests:

  • Motor Durability – the desk would be raised and lowered continuously over a period ranging from one to three weeks 
  • Load Testing – the desk would be loaded with the maximum weight capacity and then raised and lowered continuously for a period to confirm the maximum load capability
  • Destructibility – the desk would be jostled and distressed to see if it fails or falls apart 
  • Electrical Component Safety – any electrical parts on the product must be tested by Underwriters Laboratories for UL approval. 

Our standing desk kits pass these tests and more with flying colors because the meticulous detail we put into our designs, materials sourcing, and ultimately our manufacturing processes.

How Does BIFMA Benefit Your Bottom Line?

While you may pay a little more upfront for BIFMA-certified furniture, you will actually save money over time by making the investment. Since certified furniture is guaranteed to be commercial grade, it will outlast the more affordable competition. It also typically comes with a longer warranty, which offers further protection for your company’s investment. 

Need Help Finding BIFMA-Certified Desk Solutions?

By partnering with LoctekMotion for all your lifting columns, control panels, standing desk kits and other accessories you can feel confident that you’re getting the safest and most durable components on the market. To learn more about our BIFMA certification, take a look at our various certificate here

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