With three factories in China and Vietnam, LoctekMotion is the leading manufacturer of lifting columns for height adjustable standing desks, conference tables, kitchen cabinets, and more. LoctekMotion has over 20 years of ergonomic furniture manufacturing experience and aims to provide the highest quality, customizable components at the most competitive prices.


Desk&Table Solutions


LoctekMotion provides solutions for electric height-adjustable office desks, dispatch consoles, collaborative media tables, studio desks, and etc to improve health and productivity. For better ergonomics, partner with us for your high-quality lifting column systems.

Storage&Shelving Solutions


Storage is becoming increasingly reliant on electric lifting column technology. The motorized kitchen cabinet and wall shelf remove the need for a ladder or any heavy lifting, protecting you from any potential accidents.

Wall Garage Rack
collaborative media wall for video meeting

Collaborative Media Wall Solutions


With LoctekMotion lifting columns and intelligent linear actuator technology, create height-adjustable media stands for touchscreens and smart boards that bring flexibility to presentations, conference rooms, and classrooms. 

Smart Motorized TV Lifting System Solutions


With the continuous upgrading of LoctekMotion lifting column technology, smart motorized TV lifting system are provided in the office, home and classroom.

loctekmotion TV stand

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