New Revolution Gaming Desk GET119X L

PC gamers tend to typically spend more time on their desk, computers, and chair than office goers. Yet, their ergonomics is seldom thought of. This must change because all gamers should have an ergonomics setup so that gaming can be more flexible, comfortable, and much safer for their bodies. This becomes especially necessary considering how a large segment of the population plays video games on a regular basis.

There are multiple reasons why gamers should invest in gaming ergonomics. It can take your comfort and performance to the next level in many ways. This guide will walk you through the multiple reasons gamers should have an ergonomic setup. Additionally, we will also run you down through a brief guide on how to achieve such a setup.

Say goodbye to bad postures, backaches, neck, and eye strain while gaming, and say hello to gaming ergonomics!

Gaming Desk GET119X-L

Let me introduce Loctek brilliant GET119X-L to you! As our gaming series, not only does it have the basic ergonomic feature, but also combine features that perfectly suitable for people who are big fans of gaming.

Ergonomic Design

With a click of button, you can adjust the desk height to the position that perfectly suit your height at a range from 720mm to 1210mm without worrying about neck pain or back pain due to the improper height of the desk. While playing computer games for a long period, switch the your gesture to relax your body with a height adjustable desks.

Integrated Handset

Unlike handset that we use in the other standing desks, GET119X-L is occupied with an integrated handset, which is space saving and unique. Simply click the key, you can manage the desk height within reach. With a LED screen, you can see the desk height with you all time.

Carbon Fiber Texture Desktop

The desk is made of carbon fiber texture, which is lighter but stronger than steel, and has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, high chemical resistance, and high temperature resistance. Moreover, using a rag can easily mop the dust, water and strains on the desk because of its durable feature.

RGB Lighting

Not every table can be called a gaming desk. The desk has seven different lighting colors and two different lighting modes. You can choose different lighting colors and modes according to the game you are playing or your mood at the moment to create an e-sports atmosphere and add more fun to the game.

Headphone Hook

A headphones hook definitely make a gamer's experience much better. Gamers like to have some freed-up desktop space without feeling overwhelmed by clutter. This features allow them to place their belongings in appropriate locations without feeling like there are too many things on their desk.


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